Delicious Rolls Of Three Region Captivates Lots Of tourists

Spring rolls, rice noodle rolls or pancakes are the gifts that many people are fascinated from the first time enjoying it.

Vietnam cuisine is one of the unique and distinctive parts that fascinate foreign tourists and make them admire. Here are the rolls which are more popular in the list of visitors when they travel to Vietnam.

Northern region

The first dish that northern people feel confident to serve the tourists is fried spring rolls. It is not only a familiar gift to Vietnamese but also very famous in the world’s cuisine. This is also a delicious dish that Vietnamese people across the continents often cook to treat their foreign friends.


Spring rolls was chosen as the typical dish of Vietnam, which is formed by the combination of a variety of materials including minced pork, wood ear mushrooms, mushrooms, vermicelli, carrot, onion and eggs. All are chopped, mixed well and rolled in rice papers. Fried spring rolls are golden brown, crispy and dipped with sweet and sour sauce, and served with herbs.

Besides the spring rolls, Hanoi people also especially love rice noodle rolls or fresh spring rolls. For the rice noodle rolls, its main ingredients are rice noodle papers, stir fried beef, herbs and sweet and sour sauce. The ingredients of fresh spring rolls are similar to the fried one.
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Central region


Those who love the cuisine of central region in Vietnam will not be unfamiliar with the rice noodle paper with pork. The main ingredients of this dish are boiled or crunchy deep fried pork slices. It will be served with rice papers, herbs, cucumber, star fruits and green banana…What makes impression about this dish is the local style sweet and sour anchovy paste sauce.

In addition to the rice noodle rolls with pork, tourists can also visit the central region and enjoy other famous dishes such as lemongrass skewer and grilled pork patties.

Southern region

Bo bia is one of the simple dishes in the busy city, Saigon but many people love it. Bo bia is both cheap and tasty. Bo bia (Bò bía) includes stir fried jimica and carrots, Chinese sausage, shredded scrambled eggs. All are wrapped with vermicelli noodle in a rice paper roll. Then, it will be dipped into a spicy peanut sauce (with freshly roasted and grounded peanuts).


The second famous dish in the Southern region is Trang Bang rice paper, a specialty of Tay Ninh province. The way to make it is quite complicated because is coated two times and then, dried under the sunlight before grilling through fire. Thanks to the steps to make this rice paper, it is favored by the toughness and typically salty. Moreover, the rice paper is well-known for the strange wild vegetables with full of 5 spices: sour, acrid, sweet, greasy and aromatic.

The fresh roll is also the dish you should try when traveling to the South. The dish just has boiled pork slices, peeled boiled shrimps and herbs. For all kinds of rolls, the sweet and sour sauce is the secret to it more delicious. To understand the culture of a country, one of the best ways is enjoying its specialties. Vietnamese cuisine is very sophisticated and subtle. And we proudly introduce Hanoi cooking class with a local that will guide you how to cook some typical dishes of regions in Vietnam as you expected.

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