Some Detail Information You Must Know Before Buying A Smoker

Smokers have been produced for you to process the smoked foods such as smoked sausages, smoked pork, and smoked salmon… This type of machine is made from metal, has a lot of size with the maximum weights of food smoked each time are very various. So, they are suitable for not only home-cooked dishes but also food business. The market of smokers today is developed very quickly, and you are easy to find out the best offset smoker, barrel smoker or propane smoker for your demands.

1. The Methods of Smoking

There are 2 ways to smoke: hot smoking and cold smoking. These 2 ways are basically different from each other on the temperature. You will do hot smoking to make sausages, ham, or bacon… at the temperature from 70 to 800 degrees Celsius. If you cook the seafood dishes, you will use the cold smoking method at the temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, for example, the smoked fillet salmon.
With the smoker, you can use to smoke some meats from pork, beef, chicken to fish… with a big amount. To have a bacon dish, you only need to put the meat in the smoker, turn on the smoker and wait for the meat cooked to take them out without using more other kitchen tools.

2. The Making Guide of Smoked Meat

Raw material:
– Raw meat: whole piece; wash and let it dry and drain. Use a needle or another similar thing to pierce into that meat piece to help the meat to be marinated finely.
– The salt water to marinate the meat: the ratio is 10% (1 part of salt is mixed with 10 parts of water).
– Other spices (according to your taste): bay leaf, thyme, lemon juice (lemon is usually put in the fish), pepper, garlic, and onion….
Prepare the salt water to marinate the meat:
– Give the water and salt into a pot to simmer with a small fire and stir to make salt dissolve evenly in the water, boil this liquid because of sterilization.
– Take the salt water out, let it cool to 6 – 7 degrees Celsius. This is an ideal temperature to marinate the meat.
– Drop the meat into the tray of salt water for marinating together with spices coated on them and mix evenly all of them up. If some types of spices are still the hard leaves, let’s shred them to the flour form to create odor and taste. The salt water must flood the meat.
– Time for marinating: It is very essential. You just abide by this formula: each 1 centimeter thick of the meat or fish is 1 hour for marinating.
Warning: If you use the whole thigh, you can marinate in a long time, for example, 1 day, to make the thigh infuse. Let’s keep the marinated meat in the fridge if the outside weather is hot.
– Take the meat out of the marinating water. Do not forget to rinse them to be clean outside with the filtered water. If not, the salt will stick too much to the meat, and make you feel so salty when eating.
– Put the meat in the smoker.
– Smoking time: depend on that is meat or fish, thin or thick.
Meat preservation:
-Take the meat out to cool them. For all these salted meat or fish dishes, you can keep them in the cooler of fridge comfortably in a month, or put them in the freezer if reserving in a time longer.
-You can also slice the smoked meats to stuff in the bread, but commonly, people just eat the meat slices like that together with salad and other foods such as melon, salted onion. This way helps us to avoid feeling gloomy.

3. The Advantages of Smokers

These smokers allow you to be able to put a big amount of the meat into it just in 1 time for smoking with the short period of time. You can save your time and your effort. These products are now sold in many stores and website with the affordable prices on the market with the quality and brand rather good, suitable for the usage demands of each people.
The smokers are the perfect choices when you want to enjoy some slices of smoked meat, but you do not need to fry all the big meat part on the pan. The smoked meat pieces become crispy just in few minutes, and smokers also do not make the kitchen space of your house become a mess like when you use other processing methods. Today there are many meat smokers with the advanced technique which are manufactured on modern lines.

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