Types of battery for cordless drill

In this cordless drill review, we would like to give you a few essential and useful information that you should know before going for a rechargeable powerful drill.

What is the best cordless drill?

Cordless drill comes in a various range of dimensions, voltages, and characteristics. Selecting the suitable drill means to meet your requirement for the size of the battery, twisting force, various uses, and characteristics. When you are going for any cordless drill, you should seek for a device with the following compulsory features:

A changeable motor – this could permit you to take out the screws which you have drilled in.

An adjustable engine, with at least a double pace switch – this could prevent the users from driving or drilling screw into the material too deeply.

In addition to this, you have to go for a cordless drill with a comfortable and convenient grip, and a light weight so that you could easily handle. You will not want to suffer from a sore wrist or other problems during a personal project, will you?

Other essential factors that you will want to take into consideration include an option for “hammer drill” which could help you put anchor and crew into stone or metal, an intelligent charger and an extra battery, which would expand the lifespan of the rechargeable battery.

What does “volt” mean and which one is suitable for home use?

In the market, cordless drill is available in a wide variety of battery capacity, from 9.6 V to 24 V. A bigger voltage would basically generate greater twisting force, which offers the power to drill and drive large screw into thick metal, wood, concrete, and brick. In addition to this, a drill with a bigger voltage would offer a longer lifespan of battery in a single charge, which allow you more time to perform on a task.

The disadvantage of a battery with a bigger voltage is that it could be significantly heavier. An 18 volt cordless drill is a lot heavier than a 12 volt cordless drill. Basically, both of them are bulkier than a corded drill. In case you think that you can not take a cordless drill above your head for about 30 seconds or even longer, then chances are you will want to search for a different device.

What are kinds of batteries that a cordless drill could uses?

The suitable battery for a cordless drill would permit it to perform at its optimal function. Selecting the right battery is as essential as the selection of cordless drills themself. Generally speaking, there are 3 kinds of rechargeable battery which are popular in the market currently:

Ni-Cd (Nickel – Cadmium) – This type of battery is very affordable, durable, and has a long cycle of life, capable of various charging patterns. It is also bulkier than the other kinds of battery, and suffer from a quite limited capacity.

Ni-MH (Nickel – Metal – Hydride) – A little bit lighter than the Nickel Cadmium battery, this type is a more environment – friendly choice. The capacity of this model is 2 to 3 times as high as that of a Ni-Cd battery. The disadvantages of a NiMH battery is that they are very sensitive to surrounding environment, and a highly cold or hot weather could require a substitute battery.

Li-Ion (Lithium – Ion) – The Lithium Ion battery embodies the latest technology in battery industry. Definitely the costlier of the 3 options, this type of battery is the best option that is available in the market as it is designed with a lightweight form, high energy capacity, durability, flexible design as well as environmental impact.

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