Delicious Rolls Of Three Region Captivates Lots Of tourists

Spring rolls, rice noodle rolls or pancakes are the gifts that many people are fascinated from the first time enjoying it. Vietnam cuisine is one of the unique and distinctive parts that fascinate foreign tourists and make them admire. Here are the rolls which are more popular in the list of visitors when they travel to Vietnam. Northern region The first dish that northern people feel confident to serve the tourists is fried spring rolls. It is not only a familiar gift to Vietnamese but also very famous in the world’s cuisine. This is also a delicious dish that Vietnamese people across the continents often cook to treat their foreign friends. Spring rolls was chosen as the typical dish of Vietnam, which is formed by the combination of a variety of materials including minced pork, wood ear mushrooms, mushrooms, vermicelli, carrot, onion and eggs. All are chopped, mixed well ... [Continue Reading]

Some Detail Information You Must Know Before Buying A Smoker

Smokers have been produced for you to process the smoked foods such as smoked sausages, smoked pork, and smoked salmon... This type of machine is made from metal, has a lot of size with the maximum weights of food smoked each time are very various. So, they are suitable for not only home-cooked dishes but also food business. The market of smokers today is developed very quickly, and you are easy to find out the best offset smoker, barrel smoker or propane smoker for your demands. 1. The Methods of Smoking There are 2 ways to smoke: hot smoking and cold smoking. These 2 ways are basically different from each other on the temperature. You will do hot smoking to make sausages, ham, or bacon... at the temperature from 70 to 800 degrees Celsius. If you cook the seafood dishes, you will use the cold smoking method at the temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, for example, the smoked ... [Continue Reading]