Popular Inferior Design Styles To Experience (Part 1)

Are you planning to give your newly bought home a distinctive, chic look? Or you prefer enjoying peaceful, nature-harmonized ambiance lingering the beauty of Asian culture? Check out here our top trendy styles of inferior design that would be inspiration for your upcoming living place. 1. Industrial Modern Nostalgic of the old time? You might want to bring back the history critical juncture – Industrial Era as main theme of your house design. It best suits to houses with open, generous space to design. Thinking about raw steel, brick with rusty, old beams which reflect the peak time of manufacturing. The main idea behind is to give your house a somehow raw, undone look by incorporating elements from this nice old time. Elements: Popular elements that bring you the instant look of this style can vary from rusty metal like iron and steel with patina to wood-made ceiling – as these ... [Continue Reading]

Top 2016 design trends you should know

If you are one of the design fanatics wanting to update the latest trends of every years. I am sure that you will wonder what are the next latest ones after bay window  and walk-in closet of last year? In this article, I am going to list five biggest design trends in 2016. It includes not only the most red-hot facts about 2016 design trends but also tips for combining them with your interior harmoniously.    Modern Metallic paint The top of breakthrough in 2016 is "the modern metallic sheet" because it is capacity of bring elegance and charm for any spaces. Perhaps it is not difficult for you to understand why all of design schools can benefit from this trend when they add the silver, chrome sleek touch or gold, rose gold, copper for warming room. Unlike the last year's metallic trend, the trend of this year is the flexible combination and mix. That means you are able to use it ... [Continue Reading]