Top 2016 design trends you should know

If you are one of the design fanatics wanting to update the latest trends of every years. I am sure that you will wonder what are the next latest ones after bay window  and walk-in closet of last year? In this article, I am going to list five biggest design trends in 2016. It includes not only the most red-hot facts about 2016 design trends but also tips for combining them with your interior harmoniously.

  1.    Modern Metallic paint

The top of breakthrough in 2016 is “the modern metallic sheet” because it is capacity of bring elegance and charm for any spaces. Perhaps it is not difficult for you to understand why all of design schools can benefit from this trend when they add the silver, chrome sleek touch or gold, rose gold, copper for warming room.

Unlike the last year’s metallic trend, the trend of this year is the flexible combination and mix. That means you are able to use it to make focal point of the whole big space or decorate in some places to create a small accent.

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  1.    Sustainable Design

The cultural trend has existed for a long time. Naturally, when I mention it here, that means it has influenced design. Specifically, this is a large push with eco-friendly furniture. Obviously, the sustainable architecture’s blend of form and function is very important but you had better pay attention the following features. You have to use interior elements in such a way that it is both great and good especially minimizing the impact our ecosystem.

Do you want to know how to perform this goal? It will be very easy for you to do, if you utilize the natural materials such as wood and stone even you should use craft products as much as possible. Its lifespan is very long except a small limitation – its carbon footprint is smaller than a wide range of competitors.


  1.    ‘Outdoor’ Prints

In the even of your not professional designer, this term seems quite vague. Therefore, in this case, I will explain simply that they are prints which can be found in nature. As a great many people’s expectations, the next year will be the return of decoration styles that are inspired from nature as floral greenery and animal. With any kinds of prints, a little one is enough to create a bold look.

You ought to merely use it for one or two items in order to make focal point of a space in place of decking out the entire room for turning it into large and heavy pattern. Let you consider the combination of the natural colors for your room to ensure its wild but it still has modernity without diverging trend.

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